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Conversation Starters:

So, you (or your child) have decided to pursue a year of service  after graduation. This decision, though generous, is counter-cultural and can be jarring to family members who might have seen a paying job in your near future. Here are a few conversation starters you might share with family to help them understand what’s motivating your decision to serve. *They are also great questions to ask your child:

-What are a couple of specific reasons that you find post-grad service appealing?

-What is the mission statement of the program you are considering?

-How do you understand social justice & service to the greater community, post-graduation?

-Who do you know who has committed a year to service and how was it beneficial to them? How has this person served as a role model to you?

-What are you looking for in a service program and what do you know about the one(s) you have applied to? What do you like about them?

-Lastly, invite your friends and family to learn about where you will be serving–in person visits are ideal, but websites/brochures can also lay out the importance of the work of a social service agency to a community.

Parent Reflections:

“We really are glad that our daughter picked CVV.  It is clear that she is in a special place. I learned something about myself in a few days. I can’t imagine what she will learn in a year! Thank you so much.”

“Now more than ever our world needs people who understand our social responsibility for those who are vulnerable, poor and marginalized in our society. It needs people who are committed to using their God given skills, talents, resources, and opportunities with which they have been blessed for the good of others.”

“Our children have reaped the benefits of the joy in volunteering.  We as a society reap the benefits of young people who live this way, who better our communities, and who remind us what life is all about.   There can be no greater joy than to realize the difference our children are making in this world by their spirit of compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness and faith.”

“In our own lives we have been privileged to witness the power of one person to change the lives of others.”

“It was such a pleasure to have many of the volunteers at our home for Thanksgiving dinner last November and to see and hear the growth and excitement in them through their various volunteer programs that they’ve been involved with. We could see the true Spirit of Christ working in each and every one of them.”

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