Volunteer Reflections

“Everyday is an adventure in compassion.” -Mary Janelle

“There is something so transformative, so intimate, and so special which occurs in one short year of service with CVV which manages to pervade a person’s story for a lifetime; and I continue to be grateful for the opportunity, and for the people who made CVV such a formative experience.”  -Abby

“There is a time and a place for when and how God calls us at various points during life. God simply asks that we prepare our hearts to take the risk to follow him. By choosing to do so, I have been able to experience Christ in the face of the poor.”  -Adam

 “Honestly, this has been the best year of my life.  The ups far outweighed the downs, but even the downs were life changing, learning experiences.  You can’t even consider the struggles downs because of what I gained from them.” – Kathy

“This time has challenged me, opened my eyes, helped me to better understand people, and enabled me to love more because of this understanding.  It has brought me close to my housemates and built up the community.” -Mark

 “Each of us at one time or another will get the chance to choreograph a kitchen dance, soothe the alarming of an upset smoke alarm, wash the dish of another community member, or sit back and watch the beauty of our community coming together in any of these kitchen activities.” -Tom

 “I had hoped that this year would provide me with answers;  instead I found more questions.” -Katie

 “Every day is an encounter with living out my education.”   -Mary Luke

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