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Praise from Past Volunteer Site Hosts

“Our agency has been a CVV placement site for many years and it’s not because we get a 40 hour a week volunteer who saves our budget. We welcome and value our CVV volunteers because they change our community. CVV volunteers are compassionate, dedicated people with a heart for service, a willingness to walk with our members, and enter into relationships of honesty and integrity. Our community is deeper and better because they are a part of it.”

The Gathering Place

“We have benefited greatly from the volunteers you have sent our way, and especially value the spirit they bring with them.” – Cross Community Coalition

“You know how strongly I feel about the work CVV does in our community, and seeing how it all works from the placement agency’s side only makes me feel stronger about it. Furthermore, the experiences volunteers get through CVV is priceless for them and all those whose lives are touched by their service. The work you do is invaluable, and I’m glad I got to play a small role in it. Please keep doing a great job!”

“They (volunteers) are committed and energetic people. It helps our budget. Flexibility allows for filling many needs. It is mutually beneficial, that is, the agency’s needs are met and good experience is provided for the volunteer. There is an opportunity to broaden the agency’s program. Volunteers have exposure to serving and working with the poor. Fresh/new ideas and theories are helpful for both the volunteer and the agency. Inter-agency networking and collaboration are made possible. Now, even more than ever, our agencies need CVV volunteers.”

– Tammy Mulligan, Executive Director of Denver Urban Matters (DenUM)

“I want to tell you how much we are appreciating and enjoying Hayley! She is such a positive person and is a bright spot in our days. She certainly has jumped right in and has gotten to know our participants and the staff; she is very willing to do whatever we ask of her. Our staff keep commenting on why we didn’t do this sooner! Thank you for getting Laradon involved.

– Laradon

“We at St. Francis Center are impressed that you are considering adding more volunteers. Responding to the needs of the community is very appropriate at this time.”

Tom Luehrs, Executive Director at St. Francis Center (2008).