Year of Service Overview

Our year of service program is for adults 21-30 years old to dedicate 11 months to direct service, community,  prayer and spirituality,  and reflection and discussion.


Individuals 21-30 years old. Specifically, we are looking to welcome in individuals who are seeking personal and communal transformation. We are rooted in the Catholic Vincentian identity and participate in faith and spiritual practices in our program. You do not need to be Catholic to do our program. We strongly believe that diversity contributes to a richer and fuller picture of the kingdom of God. 

To learn more, see our guiding pillars page.


We are located in the city of Denver.  We have two community houses for our volunteers in the Capitol Hill area. Volunteers are encouraged and immersed in the unique neighborhoods and cultures that the city has to offer. Also, with the intention of simple living, our volunteers learn how to be actively a part of city life without needing to spend lots of money. We help with travel plans on getting to Denver and cover the costs to travel to your new home for the year. 


Working 32 hours a week (Monday-Thursday) at an organization within the Denver community. We place volunteers at a wide variety of nonprofits and schools that serve many different populations. We specifically partner with organizations serving immediate basic needs and are working towards systemic change and long-term equality. 

Along with working at an a placement site, you will participate in several programs through CVV to enrich your faith life, cultivate a community awareness, and open your eyes to the deep need to commit to justice work for systemic change. Each Friday, CVV staff and volunteers participate in reflection and discussion to process your experience at your work site and learn about many different systemic issues in the city and our world. 


Each volunteer has room and board completely covered. Additionally, volunteers receive a grocery stipend to use with their community for food costs. Volunteers do not need to fundraise any money beforehand. Each month, volunteers receive a small stipend to cover personal expenses and overall wellness.

Additional financial supports: mental health services, medical insurance, travel to Denver at the beginning of the year, travel leaving Denver after completion of the program, bus transportation to work, a bike and any repairs, an education award, loan deferment assistance. 

CVV does not want finances to be a barrier. If there is something not included on this list, we welcome a conversation on what other supports would make a year of service possible for you. 


Our year of service begins at the beginning of August and goes through the end of June. When you fill out the initial application, our staff will give you specific dates for that program year. Volunteers are given seven (7) vacation days to use throughout the year. In the spirit of simplicity, we ask that you are intentional with travel during your year. 


There are countless reasons to ask why do a year of service with the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers. That is a question for you to dig deep and answer yourself. 

What is your soul longing for? 

Why do you feel drawn towards a path like this?  

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 We are more than happy to talk through our program, help you learn more, and help you discern if a year of service is a good fit.