Where We Serve

We work at a variety of nonprofits and organizations throughout the city of Denver. Below are the populations our volunteers work with and focus in on. 

Organizations and Populations CVV Serves

Social/community services: Organizations that provide case management, emergency assistance, after-school programming, job searching, food & clothing banks, etc.

Sustainability & Urban Gardening: Caring for the environment through an awareness of  food deserts in urban metro areas, several area organizations have responded by promoting gardening, education, food preparation and nutrition classes, sustainable agriculture, and venues for core city dwellers to experience and participate in the earth’s bounty.

Health care: Providing access to, education and/or direct care in health care agencies and clinics.

Emergency assistance: These services can range from overnight shelters to homes for those who have experienced domestic violence, those seeking food, clothing, etc.

Schools: Placement sites may involve mentoring or classroom assistance within schools, they also include; partnerships with agencies who serve behaviorally challenged children, those working toward their GED or with  students who are physically or mentally handicapped.

Job training: Job training is essential for those who are first time job seekers, those who have been incarcerated, refugees looking for work who are new to this country, young adults, single parents, etc.

Youth services and runaways: Opportunities exist to serve young people who by law are too young to be served by adult shelters. Education, housing and case management are each a part of this type of programming

Women’s services: Women’s services can range from overnight sheltering, housing services, resume writing, case management, parenting classes, interview training, etc.

Recreation: Coordinating activities for groups of children or seniors.

Homeless services: The high population of people who are homeless in Denver requires an array of services, accessible through day and overnight shelters.

Housing/construction services: Working with residents who live in or seek, affordable housing, to maintain that housing. This can include case management and activity coordinating.

Therapeutic Rehabilitation: Providing support, accompaniment,  education, encouragement and resources for children and adults living with developmental disabilities so that they can realize their full potential.

Immigration and refugees: Colorado has a high number of refugees from around the world. Acclimating to living in Denver, finding work, schools and housing are priorities. Volunteers have worked along side refugees as case managers, job trainers, etc.

Literacy: Literacy training can take place in a variety of settings, most often, but not limited to tutoring as well as ESL programming.

Senior services: Connecting seniors to transportation, affordable housing and healthcare as well as education and advocacy around benefits that they receive.

Featured Partner Agencies

CVV has partnered with many agencies over the years. Below are some of our featured organizations that CVV 29 have as placement sites. These change every year, but here is a peek at some incredible organizations that are doing great work in the community of Denver!

We will work with you to identify your skills and/or interests in relationship to placement.

Work Options

Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains

Tepeyac Community Health Center

Urban Peak Youth Services

Arrupe Jesuit High School

Anchor Center for Blind Children

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless - Stout Street Health Center

The Laradon School

St. Francis Center

Senior Support Services

Annunciation Catholic School

Sewall Child Development Center

So All May Eat (SAME) Cafe